Thursday, 24 August 2017

Christianity for Baby-Boomers.

The Baby-Boomer Generation was betrayed by their rock stars and turned into the hedonistic Hippies.

But the ideals of the Baby-Boomers are ideally suited to Progressive Christianity.

If only the authorities of the Christian Churches had been ready they could have developed a style of Christianity that was not only acceptable to Baby-Boomers but was a refined quintessence of Jesus' teachings.

This is peace and love.

Jesus is the epitome of peace and love.

He is the Prince of Peace.

And his commandment is to love.

Non-violent non-cooperation is the essence of Jesus' action.

To love even your enemies and forgive those who abuse you is characteristic of Jesus' teaching.

But the Church was bound up with the establishment and conservative politics.

With the result that their manipulative doctrines were rejected.

Now we are beginning to develop Progressive Christian theology and doctrines which are compatible with Baby-Boomer ideals.

But the bird has flown.

The fertile ground of peace and love and non-violent non-cooperation has been betrayed and reconstructed.

Sex and drugs and rock and roll has ruined the Baby-Boomers and the conservative establishment has reconstructed them.

Now they watch and buy and enjoy expensive holidays.
Now they follow.

And the opportunity has been lost.

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