Friday, 25 August 2017


June 6 1966 - the day that it all changed.

The day that we were betrayed.

The day that rock music died.

The day that the Baby-Boomers became the Hippies.

Before then the Baby-Boomers dressed reasonable conventionally and had fairly normal haircuts.

Afterwards long hair and long beards became the norm and bright costumes with flared trousers appeared.

This was a response to L.S.D..

It was psychedelic.

But unknown to us was the fact that the rock bands who pushed this onto us were followers of Aleister Crowley who was a Satanist.

Little did we know that Satanists used psychedelic drugs in their ceremonies.

Many Hippies had bad trips.
This was when the drug backfired and created a nightmare instead of a vision.

The Satanic influence of rock music could explain this.

Many rock bands created music which contained Satanic suggestion.
And it was used to invoke the devil.

The violent and evil backtracking on these albums could easily turn your dream into a nightmare.

And that's not all.

Everyone began smoking marijuana.

Everyone became sexually promiscuous.

Everyone left the Church.

But this was not the fairytale that we thought it was.

It soon became evident that something was wrong.

But no one knew what it was.

We presumed it was the drugs.

But in fact it was the evil influence emanating from the rock music we were listening to.

Drug addiction, degradation, divorce, criminality, depression, suicide.....

All these things resulted.

A tree is known by its fruit.

And these are the fruits of rock music.

Only worse was to follow.

But we cannot escape this web of evil until we realize that our precious rock legends were not the heroes we thought they were.

They were secretly Satanic - they sold their souls for fame and fortune - and they sold us down the river.

This is still happening today.

And it has spread to T.V., movies, sports, and literature.....

We are cursed.

We have all been betrayed.

Photo Credit: Sandy Qumbayah Flickr via Compfight cc

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