Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Cult Bands.

When I was young and listened to rock music certain bands were called cult bands.

This was because they had an obsessive underground following.

There were radio shows dedicated exclusively to cult music.

I now realize that the cults referred to were Satanic cults and the hypnotic lure of this dark music was evil.

It cursed and poisoned us.

We were oblivious to its effects and assumed that our dark moods and suicidal thoughts were normal.

When I returned to the Church later in life I came to understand that this was death music. It encouraged sin and contained a death wish.

But God is Life.

He raised me up from this underworld of death to a new life in the Light.

And He showed me the path of Love.

I no longer listen to rock music.

I listen to classical, choral, and sacred music.

And although my Church is not perfect I enjoy a positive and stimulating life of study and prayer within it.

My life is a miracle of recovered health.

And my relationship with God is filled with gratitude and love.

Photo Credit: Ian D. Keating Flickr via Compfight cc

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