Wednesday, 30 November 2016


When we think of all the wars and revolutions that have been fought in our world.   Because there is not enough love.

We realize that each new regime is always subject to the same temptations of human nature as the old regime.

And the corruptions of power and privilege merely repeat themselves.

And when we think of all the ideologies and isms of our world.

We realize that they all have failed for the same reasons.

Until we find Love.

Love leads us to the other.

Love inspires us to sacrifice for the other.

Love cares about the other.

Only Love will overcome our fears.

Only Love will save us.

And when the Prince of Peace came prophesying Love they crucified him.

Those in power and privilege - the current regime - stripped and killed Jesus out of fear.

Fear of losing their privileges.

Fear of losing their power.

Fear of hell.

So if we address the fears of our current regime and treat them as human beings perhaps we can avoid conflict.

The only thing which casts out fear is Love.

So instead of attacking our enemies we should love them.

And cast out their fears.

Photo Credit: Beardy Git Flickr via Compfight cc

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