Monday, 5 September 2016


We lament the state of our world:

The disparity between rich and poor.
The domination of corporations.
The corruption of politicians.
The control of the media.
The violence.
The war.

We lament the suffering:

The drugs.
The divorce.
The materialism.
The alienation.
The loneliness.
The abuse.

But what we don't realize is that there is a reason why we suffer these things.

There are evil forces at work in our world which actually create suffering.

We are led astray and deceived by rock musicians and stars who have turned to evil in order to boost their careers.

The subliminal web of evil created by rock music and dark entertainment drags us down.

We are poisoned and cursed.

But this is cleverly disguised - like whited sepulchers.

We should not just take them at face value.

They pose as divas and messiahs.

Even sports are affected by this evil.

So when you suffer look to what you listen to and watch.

You may just find the cause.

Photo Credit: Leigh Beckly via Compfight cc

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