Saturday, 17 September 2016


There are differences between Progressive Christianity and Orthodox Christianity.

Most of these are to do with the supernatural aspects of Orthodox Christianity.

Original sin, Virgin Birth, Physical Resuscitation, Nature Miracles etc. are put aside by Progressive Christians as a concession to science.

Other differences relate to theology.
Progressive Christianity rejects the negative doctrines and concepts of Orthodox Christianity: Fall/Redemption, Substitutionary Atonement, Sin, Penitence, Judgement, Hell, End Times.

And replaces them with positive conceptions: Original Blessing, Universal Forgiveness, Inclusiveness, Unconditional Love, Life after Death for Everyone.

Progressive Christians do not seek to start a new religion or even transform the old religion.

We seek merely to be allowed to hold alternative views within the existing Churches.

Time will tell if this is possible.    

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