Monday, 19 September 2016


Where then is our authority?

If the word - sola scriptura - is no longer our authority in spiritual matters where then is our authority?

In the 21st Century authority will come from personal experience.

No other source of authority is acceptable to people in our post-modern world.

People want to experience God directly not through some mediating agent.

This is why so many have embraced Eastern religions with their meditation practices and their promise of personal enlightenment.

Not that many have achieved enlightenment.
But it is personal experience they seek.

The Churches can no longer dictate to people what they should believe or even what they should do.

The only religion people will accept is one that leads to personal experience of God.

So the religion of the future will be a kind of mysticism with its promise of union with God.

We are seeing a surge in interest in mysticism in our world right now.
And this is the reason.

So rather than the old exoteric religion of rules and beliefs we should be concentrating our efforts on esoteric mystical practices and teachings.

There is a glimmer of hope.

And it is here that it resides.

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