Wednesday, 10 February 2016

(Navigating) Dangerous Waters.

We are faced with the task of navigating between two extremes.

Total abstinence from sexual activity.
And complete indulgence in sex.

With regard to gay sex the Church often recommends complete abstinence.

While the popular culture urges us to indulge our sexual appetites to excess.

Not only that but we are told to behave promiscuously with no regard for our partner at all.

This is the culture of the gay scene.
And it is little wonder that many reject it.

But if you are gay there is nowhere else to go to meet people of like orientation.

The scene is dominated by venues which sell alcohol and play rock videos.

There is nothing else.

If we attend a church there is no provision for gay people at all.

If you meet a like oriented person it is a complete fluke.
And you're not likely to meet more than one.

In many cases Church culture is hostile to gay people and may even torture people with a same-sex orientation.

So we are caught between two extremes.
With no choice but to navigate our way through dangerous waters.

Photo Credit: SebastiĆ  Giralt via Compfight cc

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