Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Black Sheep.

It is characteristic of humanity to call people evil.

But there is only one group of people we can call truly evil.
That is people who have consciously chosen evil as an alternative to good (God).

But even these people are part of God's family.

They are the black sheep of humanity.
And as such we should not seek to destroy them but to redeem them, to reconcile them with their heavenly Father.

No one is beyond God's saving Love.

God loves even His own enemies.

Therefore we should seek to remedy the misunderstanding which inspired them to rebel.  That is that God is harsh and vindictive and anti-sex.

This false image, which was given to them by the Church, is the root of their rebellion.

If we can rectify this then their edifice of evil will crumble like a sandcastle.

And they will have no further reason to rebel against God (good).

Photo Credit: David Schiersner via Compfight cc

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