Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bring Down the Patriarchy.

If you have been wondering why the reaction to the sexual abuse in the Churches has been so virulent then I would offer this possible suggestion.

Since the 1960s women have used the slogan "Bring down the Patriarchy".
And the Church is a major representative of the Patriarchy.

Male priests are prime targets of women's rage, which accounts for the glee with which they meet every new allegation of abuse.

I am not trying to apologize for or diminish the seriousness of the crimes committed by Church officials and priests but I am trying to account for the destructive reaction that has resulted.

One constructive solution would be to encourage the Catholic Church to consider allowing their priests to marry and be more open to gay relationships.

Another constructive suggestion is for the Churches to look more closely at their teachings on sex.

Unfortunately the sex abuse scandals have increased the fear in most congregations which in fact makes the issue more volatile.

The psychological archetype of God is The Father.

So women's rejection of the Patriarchy can result in a rejection of God.

Hence the prevalence of the Goddess and witchcraft - which is a manifestation of women's power.

These things may seem alright on the surface but they can engender a subconscious apostasy which leads to evil.

So there you have it.

Some women have thrown out the baby (God) with the bathwater (the Patriarchy).    

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