Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Great Leap Forward.

If we follow the human image of God over the ages we will notice that it evolves.

From the Old Testament Yahweh who protected and punished the Israelites, and required blood sacrifices to atone for their sins.
To the New Testament universal God who was said to punish Jesus as a final sacrifice to atone for the sin of Adam, thus redeeming humankind.

The New Testament, however, also contains an image of God as a loving Father, who forgives and reconciles His children on earth.

2000 years has passed since the time of the New Testament.
Humankind has evolved during that 2000 years.
We are now entering a New Age.

Humanity no longer accepts the idea that God required Jesus' suffering and death to atone for the sin of Adam.
We no longer accept that Adam's sin was responsible for the suffering of humanity.
These concepts are offensive.
They insult God and humanity alike.

The time has come to reject these concepts and their brutal image of God.

The loving, merciful God that Jesus showed us is the essence if the New Paradigm.

Humanity has evolved enough to conceive of God as totally loving and good.
We no longer need a God who requires retribution and damnation.
We no longer need a devil or a hell.

This is the time of the Great Leap Forward for humankind.

We can move forward into the New Age and leave the old image of God behind.

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