Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gay Rights.

The great issue of our time is gay rights.

Just as Christians used the Bible to support slavery, so we are constantly confronted by Christians quoting archaic Old Testament texts that condemn homosexuality, and the writings of St. Paul which are full of prejudice and disgust.

As we move into the 21st century people are becoming more and more impatient with those who rely on such texts to support their prejudice.

For Christianity it is the final nail in the coffin.

If Christians do not change and condemn such prejudice then the religion of Jesus will die.
It cannot support the weight if opinion against what its adherents are doing.  It is offensive.

In Africa, Russia, and India gay people are being scapegoated in the shadow of AIDS.
The persecution and torture of gay people has a distinctly religious quality to it.

But the momentum of the Age cannot be reversed.
Aquarius governs homosexuality.
The Age of Aquarius will see the acceptance of gay relationships and gay marriage as a natural part of the diversity of life.

Homosexuality occurs in nature.
King penguins and orange-breasted parrots have high numbers of same-sex couples.
Fruit flies can change their sex when needed.

So the accusation that homosexuality is unnatural is unfounded.
Homosexuality is found everywhere in nature.

It is just one expression of God's good creation.

And as such should be celebrated.

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