Thursday, 2 May 2013


Modernism is the period in which hope was inspired by scientific progress.

Universal education and universal faith in science led to the idea that science had all the answers to the problems of humanity.

This, combined with economics, made us feel that inevitable progress was leading us to a kind of Utopia.

Post-modernism is the period when this went sour.
The feeling that everything was controlled by impersonal laws and an indifferent nature led to alienation and psychological problems associated with meaninglessness.
Depression and psychosis became widespread and lead to escapism through drugs and alcohol.
Life had become so impersonal that it was unbearable.

We have now entered a dark night of materialism.
We worship success, fame, celebrity, and wealth.
Economics rules.
Men and women are expendable units in profit making machines.
Life has been reduced to working and shopping.

But the answer is not to be found in these things.
Happiness will only be found in people.
And then only in Love.

Love is the answer to our human problems.
Not science, not economics, not success or personal achievement.....

How long will it take humanity to learn this truth.
Or will we go off on another tangent?

All roads lead home.
And home is in the human heart.

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