Sunday, 28 April 2013


The bane of our world is violence.
From the violence of wild beasts to the torture chambers of the Middle East violence rules.

But what is violence but fear?
The fight or flight adrenalin rush of fear.

Why do superpowers build nuclear missiles that can destroy our whole planet?
Because they are afraid of being attacked by their enemies.
So they deploy a deterrent.

What is war but fear of attack?

Empires are monuments to fear.
Fear of being displaced as the dominant power.
So they oppress foreign powers and threaten them with violence.

The fear that rules our planet shows a lack of faith.
"God has forsaken the earth" they cry!
"We must defend ourselves."

If we truly believed in God we would know that there will always be enough.

God provides.

If we loved God we would lose our fear.
And we would love our enemies.

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