Sunday, 5 May 2013


When a family member was causing trouble every time she came to visit I asked my mother why she didn't tell her not to come.

Her answer was that she would take that as a rejection - that she had been rejected by her own mother - and she would not do that to her.

So the visits continued.

God is our divine Father.
He will not reject His children.
Even those who have turned against Him will get another chance.

God punishes no one.
He waits for us to realize.
He delivers us when called upon.

God will not reject anyone.
Even the most hardened criminals are His children and He will not reject them.
If called upon He will help them.

That is why criminals should be reconciled with the community.

But society is slow to forgive.

Unlike God who is the first to forgive.


  1. The Father does love us--all of us! He does not reject us no matter what we do, but hopefully, as we respond to the Father's love, we will begin to love ourselves and others as the Father loves us and others.

    1. Society is unforgiving and unjust.
      God is understanding and merciful.