Sunday, 3 February 2013


Why is it that there is so much peer pressure to indulge in alcohol when we are socializing?

I know why the powers that be do not oppose drinking culture - it is very good for the economy - a lot of money is spent on alcohol while we are socializing.

But why does a man think it is preferable to have a drink with his mates after work rather than going home to his wife and family, as if intoxication is a substitute for the love and affection of his family?

The work hard/play hard ethos of the corporations and hard-nosed business men has suffused the whole of our society, especially the young who have no other mentor.

These are myths.

Drugs are overrated.  They have mild effects but they cost a lot of money and are addictive.  The side effects can be disastrous.

Peer pressure once again.
And messages in rock music.

It is time to explode the myths and show young people that drinking and taking drugs will not lead to happiness.
More like a headache and a red face.
This is no substitute for real relationships and the thing we are all looking for - Love.

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