Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back to the 50s.

Many people in the Church are nostalgic about the 1950s - the time when the churches were full.

But my recollection of Church in the 1950s is that it was dead.

The Anglican Church used a set service in which they repeated the same words week in and week out.
It seemed to me that people were just reciting the words by rote and not thinking about what they meant at all.

Apart from that the Churches were teaching Fall/Redemption Christology.
And it was made perfectly clear that obedience to God meant obedience to those in positions of worldly authority, namely the rich conservative establishment.

There may have been bums on seats and money in the coffers but, in my experience, no one was practicing Christianity, even as it was presented.

So there is no point going back to the 50s.
It wasn't any good then.

What is required is a New Reformation - a total overhaul of the Churches' teachings.
Church theology should be purged of the negative ideas that have grown up like weeds around the figure of Jesus and they should be replaced by positive ideas like Original Blessing and Unconditional Love.

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