Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Media.

The media works against God's purpose by making us more insular.

The distance and the objectivity created by news reporting in particular causes us to harden our hearts.

We don't see those on the screen as real people.

On occasion the media deliberately dehumanizes particular people or groups, sometimes demonizing them, in order to discredit their views.

This is done particularly with welfare recipients and  asylum seekers.  Sometimes it is done with minority groups such as gays and lesbians in order to create moral ease for a national majority.

All of this - dehumanizing, demonizing - works against God's purpose which is to develop loving and compassionate hearts.

This, combined with the Satanic influence in entertainment, works to keep people from the development which is the purpose of life.

So we should always care.
We should always see people as fellow human beings.
We should always show love and understanding, even to the least - the deadbeats, the losers, those that life has left behind.

Rather than calling for harsher penalties, we should be more lenient - looking for the causes of crime and rebellion.

If we overcome our fear we will always show love.

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