Monday, 24 December 2012


The problem is that most people's image of God is wrong.

The idea that God is mighty and powerful gives birth to the notion that God wins by asserting might and power.

This is incorrect.

God enlightens us.
When we see the truths which God asserts we change our minds and we change our behavior.

God is not a punisher of men and women.
Neither does He use force or violence.

God is not an enforcer of moral rules.

God is our lover.
He forgives and encourages us.

God sees good in us.

Until we change this false image of God things will not change.

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  1. YEs, yes yes...I just have to add that when we start to bring the Feminine Divine back into the full picture of God...then we can get a better understanding of this God of Love...the Divine is the beautiful union of the Feminine & Masculine, of the light & dark, of the good and "evil", of the Sacred & Profane coming together...showing us that ALL is truly of God...waiting, beckoning us to a higher understanding of Their movement amongst us. I just wrote a Love poem of these two essences coming together...will share soon.