Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Darkest Hour.

It has been said that God returns with a new revelation when the world is at its darkest.

The world is dark now.

The official culture of the world is secular rational economic materialism.

This is superficial, left-brain only, unsatisfying, and imposed.

Add to this the evil anti-currents in the popular entertainment and it is dark indeed.

The spirits of human beings will not allow this to continue.  A rear guard action, rising from the unconscious, will force a crisis if the right-brain, imaginative, depth dimension is not addressed.

Economic rationalism is a failure.

We must find another way.

It is at this point, when the souls of the world are ripe, that God manifests among us.

God's hand is moving.

As yet there is no contact between Progressive Christianity and the general public, although social justice is a meeting point.

This is Aquarius manifesting.

We must find a way for this manifestation to reach the surface.

The crisis in religion is symptomatic of the situation.
If the deep psychic needs of individuals are not met then negative manifestations will appear - like the sexual abuse scandals in the Churches.

These needs are to do with the imaginative, artistic, religious side of human nature.
Their repression is manifest as overwork and lack of creative outlets, obsession with sport, celebrity culture, shopping, and magic.

We need a new spirituality.

This must be given official recognition or it will be forced down into the unconscious where it will cause psychosis and may manifest negatively as violence or anti-social behavior.

So the new spirit of freedom (symbolized by the internet) must find positive, sanctioned, outlets in our society or Aquarius is doomed to fail.

If not a new Church then what?

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