Friday, 9 November 2012


Before you say,"We're Christians, we don't believe in astrology" it may be profitable to take a look at the Bible and the New Testament in particular.

According to the theory of precession of the vernal equinox the Old Testament was written in the Age of Aries.
There are many references to rams, ram's horns (the shofar), blood sacrifice, the color red, war, beginnings (Abraham, Adam and Eve), the letter A,  Palestine etc..

But it is in the New Testament that we really find astrological symbols from the sign of Pisces :
fish*, fishermen, nets, water (baptism). the sea (Galilee), Jerusalem, boats, feet (washing), wine, vines, vineyards, spirits (evil), The Holy Spirit, faith, healing, prayer.....  

Not only this but the sign opposite Pisces - Virgo - which forms a duality with Pisces, is also featured :
the Virgin Mary, the virgin birth, hair-splitting arguments (the bane of Christianity), earth parables (seeds, growth, harvesting etc.).

So when I say that we are entering the Age of Aquarius (the Water Carrier) and point out the symbols of that sign :
homosexuality, equality, freedom, socialism, revolution, Russia, Sweden, feminism, humanism, charity, crystals, rainbows, rain, clouds, the sky, stars, drinking water, earthquakes, the new, the future, technology, space travel, the internet, mental illness, brain plasticity, genius.....
I am justified in suggesting that God is working through these symbols in a new way.

Astrology itself is ruled by Aquarius.

*The fish was an early symbol of the Christian community.  

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