Wednesday, 14 November 2012


The consummation of love is sex.

Sex leads to the creation of new life.

This new life forms in the womb and then is born into the world as a separate entity.

The new entity then grows until about the age of 26 when it is fully formed.

From then the individual matures - grows stronger, more self assured until about the age of 60.

After the age of 60 the individual begins to age - become wiser, more stable, more perspicacious, the sexual passions diminish allowing the individual to become more peaceful.

As he or she nears the end the soul begins to prepare for the life to come.

Death is a door into another life.

"The universe has an orientation to the creation of life.
Life has an orientation to wholeness (health).
The soul has an orientation towards love."
- Durham Smith PCNV 22/7/2012.

The speaker was challenged by a man who said that from the age of 26 we are dying.
He identified with the Hindu god Siva - one of the triune godhead - Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and Siva (the destroyer).

This is the theory of entropy.
Entropy must always increase.

I submit that entropy is a scientific fiction.
It looks at life the wrong way.

But this death, this decay is a concept rather than a fact.
Entropy is an effect rather than a force.

It is looking at things the wrong way round.

We should be looking for positives in maturing and ageing rather than calling them death.

Maturing and ageing are part of life and as such are positive stages of life not decay and death.

Death is a moment not a force.

This is the trap of dualistic thinking :
That everything has its opposite.

But the universe is holistic :
There is one God.

Life is abundant, irrepressible.
After a bushfire new life springs up, ancient seeds germinate.
After a drought new life appears in the waters, ancient eggs come to life.

The universe has an orientation towards life not death.

The mistake that people make is to conceptualize the negative then to objectify it as a fact.

But death is not a force.
Nor is it a place.
Death is no thing.

Death is a moment at most.

Dualism is false.

The universe is holistic.

Life abides in everything.

God is immanent - within everything.


  1. great post, really enojoyed it

    1. Sam,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You may enjoy some of the archive posts from May and June.

      Michael E. East.