Thursday, 23 August 2012

Things to Come.

What are the changes which have come with Aquarius?

The main thing is the social safety net (welfare).
This includes things like maternity leave and superannuation.

It undermines the power of the corporations.
Which is why they constantly attack it.

After its sojourn in Capricorn Pluto moves into Aquarius (2025).
At this time we may see revolutionary changes to the power structures of society.

At present the profit oriented superannuation schemes ensure that we have no say in how our money is used.
There may be an increase in shareholder activism.

The internet will become a powerful instrument for social change.
It will harness the world's conscience.

Aquarius represents the parliament and the state.
The parliament may legislate to force the corporations to be more socially responsible.
There may be an increase in state ownership.

The attitude towards crime may become more oriented towards rehabilitation rather than punishment.

The United Nations will become more important again.

Governments may be forced to become more aid oriented.

Gay marriage will be sanctioned.

Attitudes will change.

People will become more global conscious.

Humanitarianism will thrive.

Environmentalism will increase.

We will see the end of the class system.

All these things are yet to come.

Photo Credit: wuestenigel Flickr via Compfight cc

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