Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Aquarius will support increased equality and humanitarianism.  Globalization in the form of international brotherhood will develop.  The internet will increasingly create a global village.  We will be a family of humanity.

However, any positive effects of these strong influences will be sabotaged by Satanists in the rock music and entertainment industries.  They are already playing the role of saboteur in the rainbow generation pushing drugs, promiscuity, and insanity.

The effects of Aquarius are virtually nullified, even negative.

God's plan to make the world a better, more just place by reducing poverty and supporting the powerless will be sabotaged to the point where any benefits are negligible.  They may even make it worse through their constant efforts.

God will lose.  Aquarius will lose.

This is compounded by the fact that any humanitarian movement is opposed by rich conservatives who use their media to propagandize against anything which will cost them money or challenge their power - social or political.

They conduct hate campaigns in the media.
They try to shift public opinion.

This influence combines with the black sabotage in entertainment to make progress impossible, even though there is a clear majority of Aquarian souls.

At the moment Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn.  This means that the progressive forces will actively challenge the conservative powers.  And as Uranus is the larger planet there is some hope that the rebellious forces may win out.

The vitriol of the conservatives is caused by their fear.  The fear of socialism and losing their privileges and wealth and their hold on power.

Anything that the rainbow children may try to do will be perverted by Satanists disguised as saviors.  Bad people will be encouraged and rewarded, good people will led astray and damned so that everyone will be going to hell.  That is their intention.

(But there is no hell).

So we must make it known that rock musicians, entertainers, and sportsmen and women practice Satanism and black magic and people should not listen to them, follow them, or copy them.

Sex and drugs and rock and roll, selfishness, materialism, promiscuity, darkness, malice, lies, cowardice, opportunism, money, celebrity, fame.....
All these things will be done to sabotage Aquarius.

We are seeing the downfall of institutionalized religion.

Humanitarian work and charity are becoming secular concerns.

Spirituality is increasingly becoming individual.

But even if the rainbow children practice some sort of spirituality on an individual basis the web of evil will be too strong for them.  Nothing will work.

I know this.  I tried.

It was only when I joined a religious community and called on God through prayer that I was able to make any headway at all.

So group spirituality is necessary.
It will not work on an individual basis.

Whether this is the Church or something new I do not know but group spirituality of some sort is vital.

God does not favor an adversarial approach.  He makes peace between warring factions.  He tries to unify His house.

So instead of trying to win out against opposing forces we should try to make peace with them.

In the Church we should talk about fear and have compassion for our opponents.

In society we should have sympathy for those who manipulate, bully, and threaten us.

We can have sympathy for their fears.

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