Monday, 20 August 2012


Men and women hanker after the idols of the earth :
riches, fame, pleasure, status, power, adulation, possessions, victory, glory.....

And they will corrupt themselves for them.  They do :
violence, torture, intimidation, extortion, lies, murder, even selling their souls.....

And the world will call them great and good, even champions of the Church.

They scapegoat the innocent and the good out of fear of losing their privileges.

Perhaps we can pity then for that.

For crime brings with it fear.
Fear of discovery.  Fear of retribution.

Pray for them to be redeemed and made free.
Free of corruption, free from avarice, free to act responsibly towards others, to provide for others, rather than amassing wealth and power.

They do crimes in the world :
exploitation, collusion, political donations, child labor, sweat shops, slavery.....

And they use their media outlets to whitewash their image, their brand names, their logos.

"Take your dividend and be happy with that."

"Don't rock the boat."

"Don't ask questions."

We profit from their crimes.

And no one says a word.

Photo Credit: Metro Centric Flickr via Compfight cc

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