Tuesday, 31 July 2018


God's servants often experience treachery in our world.

Elijah experienced the treachery of Jezebel.

David speaks of treachery in the Psalms.

Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel all experienced treachery from those in power.

John the Baptist experienced the treachery of Herodias.

And Jesus experienced the treachery of the Pharisees.

But treachery is fear.

Where there is love there is no treachery.

Because treachery is fear.

And loves casts out fear.

Those in authority fear God's messengers because they perceive them as a threat to their privileges.

Were they to understand the Love of God they would not fear His messengers but welcome them with open arms.

It is because they fear that they will lose something that they plot against them.

But the Love of God is gentle and considerate.

God does not act in violent ways.

He does not smite or punish.

He loves.

And His steadfast love takes away our fear.

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