Monday, 25 June 2018


Kenosis is the mystical science of becoming a channel of God's Love on Earth.

This involves humbling the self and indeed denying the personal ego and becoming totally submissive to the Will of God.

The Buddha described Nirvana as a snuffing out.

This means the end of the personal individual which is completely subsumed by the Divinity.

As if this were possible.

Alternatively we can become co-creators with God.

This involves maintaining the personal individuality and harmonizing it with the Will of God.

The opening of our own heart to give love to everyone from an infinite source within us rather than becoming a passive channel of God's Love.

This may sound like the same thing.

But there is a subtle difference.

And it is the difference between self-denial and self-expression.

It is the difference between the way of self-denial and the way of love.

The difference between the head and the heart.

I choose the heart which is the way of love. 

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