Thursday, 7 June 2018

Christian Countries.

How could it be that Christian countries claim to support the poor when the majority of the economic development which reached the Millennium Development Goals took place in godless Communist China and idolatrous Hindu India?

Evangelical Christians in America voted for millionaire Donald Trump and called Barak Obama evil.

Donald Trump has just slashed corporate taxes increasing the inequality of wealth in our world.

Obamacare supported health care for the poorest in America.

And yet Christians claim to worship God.

How can they worship God and oppress the poor, and persecute minorities, and call evil good, and good evil*?

Even the Pope was called a Marxist by Fox News.

The rich (Christian) countries of the world must look to their practices and conventions if we are to address poverty in our world.

We need look no further than our own System.

*(See Isaiah 5:20)

Photo Credit: evanse1 Flickr via Compfight cc

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