Friday, 4 May 2018

God's Church.

Only about 5% of God's priests and ministers are involved in child sexual abuse.

A further 20% may be involved in inappropriate relationships with women or men.

But the sexual abuse scandals besmirch the whole of God's Church and even God Himself.

The fact that the hierarchy of the Church tried to protect the name of the Church rather than deal with sexual abuse according to the law is a secondary matter.

But the fact remains that 75% of priests and ministers are good, law abiding citizens.

It is unfair of society to condemn the whole of God's Church for the actions of a minority.

With the cry of Bring down the Patriarchy the Church is dying a slow death.

Churches are empty across the whole of the Western World.

But what will replace it?

If God tries to revive His Church you will say that it is a bankrupt institution.

Young people won't go near it.

So we are at the mercy of evil.

Corporate plutocrats enslave us.

Rock stars betray us.

Politicians ignore us.

The only answer is to make the public aware of the 75% of God's Church that is good.

And ask for the forgiveness of society. 

Photo Credit: Moward Flickr via Compfight cc

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