Monday, 7 May 2018

Aquarius and Scorpio.

It is important that we separate the influences of Aquarius and Scorpio.

The Aquarius Stellium* of February 1962 was thought by many to be the herald of the Age of Aquarius.

This stellium had Neptune at 13° Scorpio - the accursed degree of the accursed sign.

Neptune governs music and the rock music which was born in the early sixties was infected with covert Satanism.  Scorpio governs hidden things and evil influences.

But because this chart contained a stellium of planets in Aquarius rock music was associated with Aquarius.

Also the Uranus/Pluto conjunction which dominated the 1960s tended to confuse the influences of the two planets.  Uranus governs Aquarius and Pluto governs Scorpio.

Aquarius governs: astrology, homosexuality, freedom, altruism, technology, the future, the new, the original.....

Scorpio governs: secrets, death, violence, hate, evil, chaos, and sex.

Many of the negative manifestations of the Rock Era can be traced to Scorpio.

Rock music contains the influences of both Aquarius and Scorpio.

It is our task to separate these two influences.

And eliminate hate and evil from modern music forever.

*A stellium is a large group of planets in one sign.

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