Friday, 29 December 2017

Something's Wrong.

You may think that everything should be O.K..

But everyone knows that something has gone drastically wrong.

The world is unjust and unforgiving.

Inequality is extreme.

Religious and ethnic violence is increasing.

Persecution of minorities is rife.

The world is ruled by ratbags and madmen.

War rages on.

Refugees are ignored.

Many die of hunger.

It's not a good report card.

We can do much better.

But while we are all distracted.

While we are all corrupted and controlled.

While we remain passive.

Nothing will improve.

Evil hidden in our multi-media network corrupts us by stealth.
It distracts us and leads us astray.
It hardens our hearts and feeds our fears.

So be discriminating in your viewing.

And your listening.

Take an interest in something outside of yourself.

Then perhaps you will begin to see.

Photo Credit: CJS*64 Flickr via Compfight cc

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