Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Satanism is all about sex and death.

"Make them fxxk."

And as such their major targets are young girls and musclemen.

Young girls are encouraged to think of themselves as sex objects for boys.

They are told that they will get what they want by meeting their boyfriend's sexual requirements.

So you will see them in the streets and in nightclubs virtually naked.

Musclemen are told that they are monsters, beasts, and animals.

They are told that they will be worshiped like gods.

This is because they are a major sexual fantasy for many - women and men - and people copy and follow them.

Satanists believe that fornication and homosexuality lead to death and hell.

So their objectives are met:

Sex is available.

And everyone is dead.

But what we are really looking for is love.

And love is intimately associated with God.

God is good.

His mercy is infinite.

His forgiveness is everlasting.

And His Love is unconditional.

Photo Credit: Jeff Xeno Flickr via Compfight cc

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