Friday, 12 May 2017


What we have to realize is that each consecutive generation has been sabotaged in their own way.

Generation X have been cursed with the negatives of their generational astrological signs - Virgo and Scorpio.

The negative traits of Virgo are: destructive criticism, holier than thou, hypocrisy. squeamishness, schismatism, judgementalism. and perfectionism.

The negative traits of Scorpio are: violence, intimidation, lies, criminality, jealousy, possessiveness, competitiveness, hate, obsessiveness, vindictiveness, retaliation, and evil.

But Virgo and Scorpio have positive traits.

The positive traits of Virgo are: virtue, meticulousness, discrimination, manners, neatness, cleanliness, work, helping, love of animals (pets), love of the environment (green), analysis, health, exercise, diet, and logic.

The positive traits of Scorpio are: passion, transformation, concentration, loyalty, depth, psychology, and energy.

They are intuitive, even psychic.

It is possible for them to manifest their birth signs positively.

I pray for that.

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