Monday, 28 November 2016

False Prophets.

What appears on the surface to be wisdom and compassion and spirituality, what seems sensible and liberating, is in fact the opposite.

Rock superstars set themselves up as saviours, even gods.
They call themselves dogs (that's gods backwards).
They say, "We shall be as gods."
They feign compassion and they fake enlightenment.

Invariably this involves the use of drugs.

Any rock star who tells you to use drugs to gain enlightenment is a fake.

Drugs are used by Satanists in their rituals.  As described by Aleister Crowley.

Drugs are banned by Eastern religious authorities.

So if you use drugs and practise Yoga or Buddhism you may experience damnation.

This is deliberate sabotage.

Rock stars set us up from the beginning.

They sold their souls and they sold us down the river.

They are evil and malicious.

They are false prophets.

Photo Credit: stratocasterbob57 Flickr via Compfight cc

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