Friday, 8 July 2016

2376 CE.

The New Paradigm:

It is now commonly established that there is one God - the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed.

And there is no other.

This God is the Divine of Buddhism and the Absolute of Hinduism.

And He is the Most High God.

All things exist in this one God and God is all things and more.

The world was created after the Big Bang had cooled down to create spiral galaxies of stars with circling planets.

Life on earth evolved from the first life in the sea to land creatures then to animals, birds, and humans.

God was intimately involved in all of these changes.

This God has sent many messengers to humans throughout history.
Not only to Israel but to all human cultures.

His footprints can be seen in all human races.

Like other messengers Jesus was a human being who made contact with God.
He is the guiding spirit of the Age of Pisces and his revelation is a breakthrough in human understanding of God.

Jesus was not God.
Mary was not a virgin.
Jesus' death was not atonement for the sins of humanity.
Jesus' death was at the hands of earthly authorities who were threatened by his popularity.  God did not require Jesus' death.

Jesus' resurrection was a spiritual not a physical event.  

Jesus is not the only path to God.

No one is excluded from God's Love.
All races, genders, sexual orientations, and faiths are acceptable to God.

God loves even those who have rejected Him.

There is no devil, no dark forces, no hell.

Only God's Love.

Sexual abstinence is not required for relationship with God.
Sex is a natural part of God's good creation.
And all orientations are equally acceptable to Him.

In the end we will all return to the God who gave us life.
We will die into Love.
And go to be with God and our loved ones who have gone before us.

N.B.  2376 CE is the year that the Vernal Equinox precesses from Pisces into Aquarius.

Photo Credit: duaneschermerhorn via Compfight cc

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