Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Humanities.

When we were at school we studied the sciences - mathematics, chemistry, physics etc..  But we also studied the humanities - languages, literature, history etc..

We were just beginning, however, to enter the mind-set which ultimately valued the sciences much more than the humanities.  Art was for dummies.

Now education is considered job training and the humanities are not valued at all.

With this development has come a lack of humanity in our society.

We are trained to think entirely in left brain, rational terms.
The right brain imagination, which feeds religion, is ignored.

And as such we are unbalanced psychologically and emotionally.

We need to bring more humanity into our lives.

This is the task of 21st Century religion.

The revelations which are coming from God attempt to redress this imbalance by re-reading the scriptures as poetry and metaphor.

In this way the spiritual becomes intelligible rather than being considered fanciful and thus being discarded as worthless or even dangerous.

Too often we regard the visible as the real whereas the metaphorical refers to unseen realities which can be apprehended and experienced.

Science ignores the sacred.

We must recapture the sacred in our modern world in order to regain our humanity and our sanity.

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