Saturday, 25 June 2016


In the English language we have words for the study of life (biology) and the study of mind (psychology).  But we have no words for the study of imagination or the study of love.

This betrays a bias towards science and left-brain, rational thinking.

This reflects a worldview which devalues right-brain, imaginative thinking and emotion.

Love, of course, is not exactly an emotion but it is something that we feel rather than something which we think.

So how are we in the West to relate to God who acts symbolically and who is Love?

We need new words to describe this experience.

The recent invention semiotics (the study of symbols) is a start.

But for words of love we must look to the Greek language which has several words for different kinds of love.

Love, of course, is the mustard seed of the Bible (Matthew 13:31,32) which is the tiniest seed but grows into the largest bush.

This means that it is something which is regarded as of little value by the world but grows to become the most important thing of all in Life.

My word for the study of love is amorology.

So now we can at least think it.

Our journey begins here.

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