Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Psychology of Satan.

What Generation X have done is resort to Satan in order to win.

Satan justifies any use of violence - verbal, emotional, psychic, or spiritual - to beat your opponent.

Generation X was so jealous of the power of the Baby-Boomer Generation that they were willing to corrupt themselves to beat them.

With the endorsement of Ronald Reagan and the neo-conservative political machine they succeeded in demonizing and intimidating a whole generation.

They then rationalized their behavior by obeying the powers of the world - the corporate plutocrats and C.E.O.s - so that they could claim goodness as the victors.

They then projected their evil onto their opponents.

They will even project violence and evil onto God.

To protect this dubious position they rely on the notion of moral relativism.

But to say that this is merely your opinion is not enough.

The light shows the absolute truth.

There is a truth which is not relative.

And that truth is that God is wholly good.
Satan and evil are not viable alternatives, even if you deny it and project it onto others.

And no amount of strength or force or violence can change that.

Eventually Generation X will have to face what they have done.
And that is to resort to evil and Satan in order to win privileges and power for themselves.

And that is the absolute truth.

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