Friday, 11 December 2015

After Modernism.

Modernism was a time of certainty - science knew everything, everything was enclosed within a Newtonian mindset, and progress was inevitable.

Post-Modernism is the time after Modernism when quantum mechanics and astronomy proved that Newtonianism was not universal, there were things that science did not know, and progress went backwards.

We are now moving forwards from the closed mind of modern materialism to a mind which is more open to spiritual dimensions - mysticism is emerging in the world's religions and people are becoming active through the internet.

We live in exciting times.

But it is important to remember what happened to the 1960s generation - their idealism was perverted and betrayed by their rock legends until their youthful purity was selfish and sinful, corrupt and criminal.

Nothing much remains of 60s idealism.

And what they have handed down to the next generation will suffer the same fate unless we see what betrayed them.

Photo Credit: milena mihaylova via Compfight cc

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