Sunday, 1 November 2015


I read a report on the internet which suggested that listening to certain types of music boosted athletic performance by up to 10%.

While I would be skeptical about the veracity of these claims I do believe that different types of music affect us in different ways.

Rock music, for example, affects the pleasure centers of the brain and can become addictive like a drug.

Classical music, on the other hand, puts us into a more concentrated state of mind.

Mozart's music in particular is known to put the mind into a heightened alpha state.

This is much more beneficial to us than the disturbing effects of rock music.
And what words are entering our minds while we are listening?

It is not true that rock music boosts our energy levels any more than energetic classical music.

So be wary of artists who claim that listening to their music boosts performance.

They're probably just trying to sell C.D.s.

Photo Credit: David J. Thomas via Compfight cc

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