Friday, 30 October 2015

Making the Hole Bigger.

The world is in darkness.

But God has made a hole in the serpent of cloud.

This involves seeing the darkness itself - the lies and malice that has been spread by rock bands and superstars for fifty years and more.

The Truth is that since the 1960s rock bands have been selling Satanism to an unsuspecting audience, poisoning them and sabotaging their spiritual quest.

It is no coincidence that hardly any trace of 1960s idealism remains.
Peace and love is long dead and all we have now is money and sex.

But, far from being accidental or historical, this has been done deliberately.

It is called death.
And it is caused by sex and drugs and rock and roll.

They turn musclemen into monsters and sexual predators.

They turn gays and hippies into promiscuous drug addicts.

They turn women into man-hating hypocrites and shopping addicts.

It's little wonder that we are all divorced.

And they pass it off as a joke.

Hell forever - very funny.

Pure evil - hilarious.

The devil = the joker.

(He is a ringmaster and a criminal, a liar and a cheat, a torturer and a villain.)

But there is no devil in reality, only God's Love.

Once we realize that we are being deceived and cursed we can begin to find our way out of the shroud of darkness which covers the world.

This means making the hole bigger by spreading the news about Satanism in the world and the benevolent nature of God's Love.

All of this has created a massive surplus of good karma.

So do not be afraid.

God is waiting for you.

Call on God.

And He will deliver you.

Photo Credit: Dru! via Compfight cc

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