Monday, 19 October 2015


The hippies and the generations that follow have been cursed, sabotaged, and led astray by their rock stars, celebrities, and sporting heroes.

Their influence has resulted in untold suffering in the form of drug addiction, divorce, depression, guilt, and suicide.

The suffering that we have experienced far outweighs any evil we may have done.

This creates a huge karmic surplus which is enough to save even the most depraved and wicked souls.

It is enough in fact to save even those who caused the suffering itself.

These people turned against God and Jesus because their priests and ministers told them (incorrectly) that God was a severe moral arbiter and judge, especially in matters of sex, and homosexuality in particular.

So they went to the opposition - the devil - believing that he would grant them sex, fame, and fortune in return for their souls and the dirty deeds which they believe to be his work in the world.

But there is no devil in reality, only God's Love.

So far from getting us into hell as they assumed they have guaranteed our entry into heaven.

And there is such a gigantic surplus of good karma that they can even enter heaven themselves.

God forgives our debts and transgressions.

He does not punish us for our sins.

So share your good karma with others.

And help create heaven on earth.      

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