Wednesday, 29 July 2015


The way of the world is the way of violence.

Men use violence to establish their supremacy and fear of violence to maintain it.

The rich western democracies pride themselves on their peaceful societies but these peaceful societies are maintained by huge, sophisticated armies.
The threat of violence keeps the West on top.

Modern entertainment endorses the use of violence to resolve conflict.
Evil is put down with the sword.
The heroes are even more violent than the villains.

But God's way is different.

God does not use violence or force.

God lures us with love.
And teaches us with a gentle light.

Rather than destroying the aggressors we are urged to pray for them.
Pray for them to overcome their fears and have a change of heart.
To show mercy not violence.

And to be forgiven and healed by God.

Photo Credit: The Lanky Soldier via Compfight cc


  1. I firmly believe that the West--particularly the United States--is addicted to violence and domination as the way to solve problems. And those who support this position most energetically include conservative Christians, many of whom consider America to be a 'Christian' nation.

    There is nothing of Jesus Christ in this dependence on violence and control.

    1. One wonders where their violent ideas come from.
      Guns in churches seems anathema to me.