Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Let's get things in perspective:

First of all the powers and authorities of this world do not represent God's will.
They rule by violence and fear.
They have no faith in God.
And their motive is money.

Secondly those in religious authority have perverted the messages of Jesus of Nazareth, Mohammed, the Buddha etc. to suit their worldly ambitions.
The blind lead the blind.

Thirdly rock musicians covertly practice black magic and Satanism which affects all of us in negative ways.
This has been happening since the early 1960s.
And it continues to this day.

Fourthly God wants what you want:
A more just and loving world.
We can call on Him to deliver us.
And we can rely on Him to answer our prayers.

Fifthly the purpose of life is not to accumulate money and possessions.
The purpose of life is Love.
To develop a loving and compassionate heart.

These are the things that God wants for us.

And the reason that the world will not do these things is fear.

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