Sunday, 1 February 2015


Testimony was a very important part of early Christianity.

People who believed in Jesus would testify to the power of his name or the Holy Spirit.

Some modern Christians continue this practice.

In fact the Bible is a record of testimony about God.
The Old Testament is the record of the prophets' testimony about God.
The New Testament is the record of the Gospel writers' testimony about Jesus.

The very word Testament should give us a clue as to how we should interpret the Bible.

It is testimony and therefore human words, not the word of God.

This explains why the image of God evolves as the Bible progresses.

Each writer brings with him the prejudices and assumptions of his own time.

So do not treat the Bible as if it was dictated by God.

The Bible is a Testament - the testimony of man's experience of God.

Photo Credit: Sapphire Dream Photography via Compfight cc


  1. Wow Michael, I think you are right on target. You expressed this very well in only a few words.