Thursday, 5 February 2015


There are several branches of ethical behavior with which we can respond to any situation.

These include revealed principles which we can adhere to out of duty; and reasoned consequences for the common good.

There are various questions we can ask ourselves and various versions of the Golden Rule.

But I would say to ask yourself, "What does my heart say?"

This approach will bring forth compassion, sympathy, and love.

Thus avoiding the pitfalls of judgementalism and callousness which can result from other approaches.

So when you are confronted with an ethical dilemma ask yourself, "What does my heart say?"

And live.  

Photo Credit: Meryabad via Compfight cc


  1. I think this is true, but only if our heart is properly conditioned. In my opinion, the best conditioning is the way of love taught by Jesus.

  2. Love purifies the heart.
    We have a clean heart.