Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Devil Delusion.

There is no devil in reality.

The concept of the devil came from dualistic thinking which attempted to explain evil in a world crested by a good God.
The evil in the world could not be coming from God so there must be a devil.

It was used as a literary device in the Book of Job.

But there is another explanation.
Evil in our world comes from the ignorant actions of human beings who make mistakes of their own free will.
Or a conscious apostasy in reaction to harsh and punitive images of God (these images are false).

But because there is no devil does not mean there are no devil worshipers.

Some people who believe in the devil are so disillusioned with the God of the Churches that they willingly embrace evil.
These people sell their souls and do evil in the world.

Among them are rock musicians, actors and directors, sportsmen and women, authors, media and advertising people, and journalists.

They hate the Church and Christianity and they tempt us with the intention of sending us to hell.

But there is no hell in reality.
God does not punish us.

God is one.
He is everything and everyone.
He transcends evil and sin.

And He manifests Life, Light, and Love.

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