Monday, 26 January 2015


What is it that makes us close our hearts and hide our true selves?

It is fear.

Our early experiences of community teach us fear.

We may be O.K. while we are with our family but the schoolyard teaches us fear.

And fear begets fear.

Bullies are people who are afraid  of being bullied.
They have to look tough so that the bigger bullies will not attack them.
And they do this by bullying more vulnerable people.

It is a vicious hierarchy with fear at the top.

If you want to stop bullying talk to bullies about fear.
What are they afraid of?
And don't create more fear in them by threatening them.
This will only make it worse.

Many people portray God as the ultimate bully.

This is not helpful.

Closer contact with God helps us to lose our fear.
All people become our brothers and sisters.

And love helps us to lose our fear of God.

God will not punish us for our mistakes, which are made in ignorance out of fear.

God is our loving Father.

And He will not reject us.

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