Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Good Fairy.

Deep in the Enchanted Forest

lived the Good Fairy.

His name was Beneficent

and he lived in a little cottage

surrounded by flowers.

He spent his day

watering the flowers

and praying for

the inhabitants of

the City.

Many of the city-dwellers

thought he was a demon

and they warned their children

to stay away from him.

But others thought he was

an angel who was close to God

and they told their children

to pray in his name.

But Beneficent was not moved

by the opinions of others.

He prayed for the good

and the evil alike.

For Beneficent knew

that God does not judge us

He wishes the best for us

and always helps

no matter what.

So Beneficent's prayers

were often answered

and he lived in a blessed state of grace.

Photo Credit: K.Hurley via Compfight cc

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