Monday, 18 August 2014


When confronted with a contradiction like the one over gays and lesbians in the Church - i.e. passages in the Bible which seem harsh and violent conflicting with our understanding of Jesus' sympathy and forgiveness - we would do well to pray.

Having prayed every day for 25 years since the beginning of the AIDS crisis I now realize that it is not God that is rejecting us but His servants - those who have hardened their hearts out of fear.

I  have come to believe that where there is a conflict between the law and the heart preference must be given to the heart.

Ask yourself, "What does my heart say?"

God is not a rule maker who rewards and punishes us according to our behavior.

God is Love.

And he dwells in our hearts.

So we have triumphed when our love is greater than our fear.

Photo Credit: Eric Kilby via Compfight cc

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